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How to Give a Meaningful Gift – Crochet Blanket

Crochet Couch Blanket – a meaningful 40th birthday gift!

This year, on this very special date, 2/20/2020, a dear friend of mine is turning 40! This is an occasion to figure out how to give her a very meaningful gift! I have not seen my friend for a year and a half since moving from CO to NC. She is one of those awesome, come as you are kind of friends. Our homes were just around the corner from each other and we would frequently show up unannounced at each others doorsteps. Sometimes just to say “Hi!”, sometimes to borrow eggs, sometimes in tears and in need of a hug. We would watch each others kids, help fold each others laundry just so we could have time to talk, and share many meals and girls nights together. Needless to say, while our family was very excited for our big move across the country, I cried big tears when I made the move away from this friend!

Rustic crochet blanket

If I were in CO right now with my friend, I would throw her a big birthday bash she would never forget! I love to celebrate birthdays and have a hard time not going overboard. I believe, no matter what age you are, you deserve to be celebrated! So instead of a big party, I made this snugly crochet blanket for her birthday gift and her family to enjoy, hopefully for years to come. Here is how I decide what meaningful gift to give to those I love…


Make a list, mental or on paper, of the things you know the gift receiver loves. My friend loves the beach, ALMOST as much as I do! She loves teal blue/green, warm yellows like the sun, and orange and coral. She adores her family and is an amazing mom and wife. She spends her time caring for those she loves, often in her kitchen and family room. She’s amazing at decorating with things that show you what she loves. I knew I wanted to crochet something for her, and I wanted to make sure whatever I made was sentimental and useful everyday.

yarn, teal blue, green, orange, coral, texture

Since I’m an artist, crafter, and mom, of course I gathered these ideas and consulted the Pinterest machine! I love using Pinterest to narrow down my big creative ideas. I checked out some of the ideas I already have pinned on my Crochet board, which you can check out here. I want my friend to remember how much I love her and that I think of her often, every time she saw and used my gift. A coffee cozy, a bowl, or table runner would all be appreciated by my friend, but a blanket, now that could work! A blanket can be used every day and will keep her and her family and friends warm, comfort them, become a pillow or a fort, and so many other possibilities! Oh, and this friend is a mom to 3 beautiful girls! So yes, the blanket will surely be put to good use! IF she decides to share it…

crochet, chunky, rustic, yarn

I decided that for the crochet blanket to be a meaningful gift and unique for my friend, I would keep the design simple, but allow it to take on it’s own personality. The only rules I had were to stick to colors I knew she would love and match her home decor already, to use as much yarn that I already had on hand, and to not stick to the perfect lines of a specific pattern. I found a pattern that was simple and easy to follow, which you can check out over on this blog, and I got to work! I bought just a few colors to make sure the blanket would coordinate for her home, but I mostly used what yarn I already had! I mixed lots of different types of yarn textures, colors, and thicknesses. I made some sections wide, some thinner, some solid colors, and some all mixed up.

crochet, yarn, soft, yellow, green, orange

When I ran out of one yarn, I simply tied in the next yarn I wanted to use, even if I was in the middle of the row. I call this my rustic style! I like things to be beautiful, but not too perfect. This makes each section of the blanket unique and interesting. I finished it off with a fun border I also found on Pinterest, here on this blog. I can guarantee there is no other blanket out there that is exactly like this one!

When planning a meaningful gift for someone, think of some things you know the person loves, come up with a few good ideas, use your resources to refine your idea, and keep it unique! Maybe a crochet blanket is the right meaningful gift for you to give too! I’m happy to report, my friend loves her blanket, and has decided to share it with her family.



Striped rustic blanket, crochet, yarn
Striped rustic blanket, crochet, yarn
Crochet blanket gift


  1. Barbara says:

    Beautiful blanket! I’m sure she will love it for years! Love it!

    1. Jessica Schlesinger says:

      Thanks so much! I had fun making it!

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